Frankly Feminist

A groundbreaking Jewish feminist short story collection. Frankly Feminist is a collection of stories from Lilith Magazine, published by the University of Chicago, that represents the best Jewish feminist fiction published in Lilith Magazine. Eighty distinct 21st Century voices with Lilith's Jewish feminist tilt, including Erica W Jamieson's story, What Remains of Etta.

Fat Girl In Crowded Room by Erica W. Jamieson

I should stand, right? And just start talking? Okay, then. I’m Emily. I should tell you it’s not my first time in group. I mean I’ve been before, a long time ago, in a group, like this. And, well, now I’m back. What else?

Oh, just tell you about last weekend? That’s what we talked about, right? On the phone?

It wasn’t such a big deal, really. About last weekend? You see, I was out with Joseph, my boyfriend, fiancé, sort of, there’s no ring yet, but we’ve been together a while, anyway, we’re si

“Hope Like Blue Skies” by Erica Jamieson | Rkvry Quarterly Literary Journal

“We Repair Trucks,” by Elizabeth Leader, from the Toyology Series, Mixed media assemblage.

Netta dipped inside the case with her metal scooper, fearing she’d perspire right into the barrel of chocolate chip mint. She wiped at the drop of sweat making its way down her nose with the back of her hand. What with the humming and heating of the freezers, she was already dizzy red hot in early June. Only thing cool about her was that one strip of belly that leaned right up against the freezer when she


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I discovered subtle gems in the writing, the way different words played off each other, but more importantly, I was awed by the bravery of her confession.

-David Chiu, StoryNosh Producer

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